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So...Hey people! After this short and silly introduction, let me introduce properly myself. I'm D, a 16 year old girl from a European country(Wow.This was soo revealing.) Well...What could I say about me? I'm moody.So moody that I'd need tones of lithium.(and as you can see sometimes a drama queen) They say I'm funny. Pleasant. Gentle. Generous. Cheerful. Clever at times. Emotional. Sensitive. Self-destructive. Silly. Manipulative. Vain. Anyway.Nobody really cares. I just hope you'll enjoy my blog entries. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm becoming insane,insane,insane...

"Wake me up before I change again
Remind me the story that I won't get insane
Tell me why it's always the same

Explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain

Before I change again...

Remind me the story that I won't get insane...

Just suffering from delusions...

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